Northplace Growth Track

Northplace Growth Track guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. 
Growth Track is made up of Four Steps.
Step One: Welcome To The Family,
Step Two: Grow With God And Others
Step Three: Discover Your Design
Step Four: Join The Team.

We will begin meeting on Oct. 26th at 7 pm for 4 weeks. There will be light refreshments served at 6:30 pm and we will have Social Distancing Pre-cautions in place.

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step ONE: Welcome to the Family

Since we have attendees from many different backgrounds, stepONE was designed to clearly explain who we are, what we believe, and where we are going. It’s all about the incredible work CHRIST is doing in our church!

Step Two: Grow with God and Others

stepTWO is designed to help you grow into the abundant life that God wants for you! Together, we discover how we can grow closer to Christ and how to grow in COMMUNITY with other people.

Step Three: Discover Your Design

 In stepTHREE, we’ll dive into who you are and how God has created you for a specific purpose and destiny. This step is designed to help you connect God’s design for you to the different areas of your life and to the ways we live out Compassion here at Northplace.

Step four: Join the Team

In stepFOUR, you’ll get to Connect with several different groups, members, and teams of the Northplace Family. This step is here to help you take your next step in both membership and serving.
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