Bryan Jarrett - September 17, 2023

The Summation and Dénouement in the Story of Grace

When we read this description of Jesus' lineage, and see it the way God intends us to, it becomes a literal summation of the story of grace that has unfolded throughout the Old Testament. It’s like Matthew is kicking off the New Testament with this genealogy saying to us: Here is a summation of the story so far. The Gospel isn’t a story about how to live your life better. It’s not some “once upon a time” sweet little fairy tale about how to live a more moral life. It’s not advice. The Gospel is the announcement of what Jesus has already done. All we have to do to be saved is respond to that announcement. We must bow our knees to the king who fought the battle to save us.

From Series: "The Unfolding"

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