Bryan Jarrett - June 26, 2022

The Value of “Paying” Attention

When Jesus left the splendor of heaven to walk the earth in human form, he had two primary motives. The first was to show us the image of God. As God in the flesh, he came to reveal God’s love, character, compassion, and nature. Second, he came to show us what it looks like to be human in a way that honors God. The second part is very relevant for the church today, showing us what it means to be human. Jesus came to show us the nature of God, and He came to show us how to be human. We have a phrase in English that most use (or hear used) so often I don’t think we realize how odd the term is. We’re so familiar with it that we don’t think about it. We just say it. The phrase is “Pay Attention.” Have you ever thought about that phrase? We talk about “paying” attention to people or “paying” attention to details, or “paying” attention to the things of God. Paying for something means a transaction is taking place. When you “pay” for something, you exchange some form of currency for something of value. Your attention is a currency. And giving your attention to (or “paying” attention to) someone or something...coveys value upon that person or thing. So you can increase a person’s value by giving them your attention, or you can diminish their value by withholding it (or giving it half-heartedly). Your attention is a currency (like money) which means you can use it wisely or waste it. You can invest it, or you can withhold it.

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