Message: "US - Missional Focus"

Jurie Kriel - October 25, 2015

US - Missional Focus

We’ve been defining the power of a culture and contending for the key ingredients that make Us…Us. We’ve said that the easiest way to define Culture is “the way do things around here.” We’ve also said…An unhealthy culture can suck the life out of vision, plans, and dreams. A healthy culture is the environment that causes all those things to flourish. Over the last ten years we have been intentional about creating culture at Northplace. Our pastors and elders take this culture thing seriously. We’ve addressed our commitment to Generosity, our commitment to living lives of courageous faith, our commitment to having biblical balance in our church in contrast to a world that worships extremes. Today, I want to talk to you about our commitment to Missional Focus. A missionally focused church is more concerned with reaching the outsider than accommodating the insider. People who live missionally focused lives are willing to spend their lives doing whatever is necessary to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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