Message: "The Power of Culture" from Bryan Jarrett

Bryan Jarrett - August 25, 2019

The Power of Culture

Culture is the foundation of vision. The culture of your life is the foundation that your life’s vision will be built on. If you have a weak, toxic, or undefined culture, your vision doesn’t stand a chance. It’s true in an individual life and true for any organization. The culture of an organization is a difficult thing to define in concrete terms because there are so many intangible things that make up a culture. For a church it’s a complex blend of beliefs, attitudes, traditions, and practices that end up defining the congregation. Every church has a set of beliefs, they may even have great vision and value statements beautifully displayed on their website or hanging in the halls of their buildings, but far too often what they say they believe is inconsistent with their actions. This is why Culture is more powerful than vision. Just as soil quality influences the potential outcomes of a field, the culture of a church establishes the environment that often predetermines the effectiveness of God’s work within that body of believers. In other words, a church’s culture influences its impact. That’s why this conversation is so important. You’ll never be able to grasp or understand what God has called us to do, if you’re not a part of or don’t understand the culture we’ve intentionally built in our church. This message is a peak into the culture of Northplace Church.

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