Bryan Jarrett - June 2, 2019

The Liberty in Obedience

There is a liberty and freedom found in walking in obedience to Christ that can’t be found any other way. But there are so many competing and conflicting views in our culture that would argue with that. So let’s back way up and have a conversation about truth. Before we can talk about obedience we need to talk about the truth we’re supposed to be obeying. Those of us who are Christ followers believe that God’s Word is something that checks throughout. It’s perfectly consistent. It’s completely trustworthy and cannot let us down. But if you would’ve asked Leonard Bernstein: Do you believe there's a God who has spoken and given us truth? He would have said, “no”. He found consistency and faithfulness in the one area he knew best: music. For Bernstein, music was something that checks throughout. It’s absolutely consistent. You trust it and it will never let you down. The most plausible reason why Bernstein felt the way he did - why we all feel the way we do - is because we’re all longing for something outside of us to provide a truth we can trust, a truth that won’t change; something stable in an unstable world. And that desire is in all of us because we were created by a God who wants to have relationship with us. God wants to have a relationship with us that is based on communication, but not the one-sided communication most of us have now; you know, where we throw up our prayers of desperation but never listen for what he has to say.

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