Bryan Jarrett - April 10, 2016

The Key - The Iron Gate: A Message About the Sovereignty of God and Your Freedom

Over the last several weeks we have been celebrating what is made available to us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This has been our reoccurring statement: The resurrection is the KEY to everything! And truly it is… If the resurrection didn’t happen, the entire message of Christianity comes unraveled; but if the resurrection is true, then it validates the word of God, the life of Christ and every promise God has ever made. We’ve been answering the “So what?” question regarding the resurrection. “Jesus is alive “So what? What difference does it make it my life right now?” We answered that questioned by looking in on a conversation between the apostle John and Jesus after the resurrection had taken place. This third and final conversation about Keys and Doors, is a message about God’s sovereignty. This week we are delving into God's ultimate control and authority and how that impacts your ability to live free.

From Series: "The Key"

The Resurrection is the Key to Everything

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