Bryan Jarrett - June 16, 2019

The Influence of a Man (Father's Day 2019)

Years ago we made a decision to challenge men on days like father's day, but also honor them. It’s not that we're ignoring the statistics. It’s been proven over and over again, that passive and absent men have long-lasting, generationally-impacting, devastating consequences on children, on churches, and on nations. And while it seems like every societal problem we face is traced back to some dude not doing his duty, that negative reality points to something incredibly positive for men: influence. That reality speaks to the limitless influence men wield; for the good or the bad, sir, you wield a lot of influence. It’s an influence most men don’t even realize they possess, or at least they underestimate the power of the influence they possess. Gentlemen, instead of berating you today, I want you to rediscover the unlimited power of your influence over children, families, churches and nations. You have to be aware of it, and then you have to be committed to stewarding that influence.

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