Bryan Jarrett - April 5, 2015

Terminal - Live Like You're Leaving - Easter Sunday

Today we are beginning a brand new series that has the potential to change all of our lives in an incredibly profound way. The series is called Terminal: Live Like Your Leaving. Today and over the next three weeks, we are going to examine how our lives would be different if we recognized this inescapable truth…Our time on this earth very limited. We have intentionally played off of the double meaning of the word “terminal”. From the Easter invites that were designed to look like a boarding pass, to the sights and sounds when you walk in today…everything has been prepared to feel like an airport terminal…to make you aware that you are about to board a flight. In a way, life is like an airport terminal. Based on the decisions you make here, you decide what gate your going to depart from…you decide what journey your going to take in the after life. Over the next few weeks, we want to address this reality that nobody wants to talk about. We are all “terminal”. Every person in this room that has had a beginning is going to have an ending. And when you look at our lives in the big picture of history…the time we have is extremely short.

From Series: "Terminal"

Live like you're leaving. We kicked off this series on Easter weekend 2015.

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