Bryan Jarrett - June 24, 2018

Sing Your Way Through the Storm

If you’ve learned the character and ways of God through study of his word AND through your own life experiences with him…then you know that God approaches the storms of our lives…the dangerous and difficult seasons of our lives…in one of two ways: 1. He protects us by preventing the danger from touching us. In other words, He dissolves the storm before we get in it. 2. In His sovereignty, He allows the danger/the storm to bring about some greater good in us and in our world as he journeys with us THROUGH the danger/storm. He’s always working things together for the good of those that love him but some times he does that in ways that are hard for us to understand. I want to speak specifically today about those seasons of life when…for reasons beyond our understanding…it seems as if God has chosen to allow the danger and difficulty in our lives and not prevent it. Some of us are living there now…and if your not…take notes…you will be at some point.

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