Message: "Receiving Joy" from Bryan Jarrett

Bryan Jarrett - December 8, 2019

Receiving Joy

If you could understand the narrative of the bible, it would fill you with wonder. This righteous, all-powerful, and majestic God that has been continually rejected or ignored by mere mortals continues to pursue us. Not because we are worthy, but because we are wanted. He wants you. He wants me. He wants us so badly that he left the splendor of heaven and robbed himself in the frailty of human flesh. God became a baby. He became a tired fellow traveler with sore feet, so like Sarah, we would see him as gentle, approachable, and accessible. He's the hero from outside us that chose to put himself into the desperation of our human story. He became one of us that he might rescue us. But the wonder, joy, and laughter he promises to bring doesn't fade after you close the back cover the book or slip away in your drive home from the theater. It's a love that lasts, and laughter filled with wonder that springs from the deep places of the soul.

From Series: "Joy To Your World"

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