Message: "Jesus is in the House - Jesús Está en la Casa" from Bryan Jarrett

Bryan Jarrett - April 7, 2019

Jesus is in the House - Jesús Está en la Casa

Some people are stuck in the rut of the super-normal. They approach church like it’s their court ordered support group and they check in and check out with no expectations. We wouldn’t waste our life serving the local church or as Christians coming to the church on a regularly basis if we didn’t believe there was supernatural potential for life change every time we get together. Many of the people in your life, your friends, family, neighbors, peers are spiritually paralyzed or incapacitated. They may be paralyzed by fear or shame. They may be paralyzed by ignorance, they have now idea they even need him. For whatever ever reason, they are never going to come on their own, they may never meet Jesus without your loving consistent nudge. 1. Everyone will spend eternity somewhere, and one day, someone will thank for not giving up on them. 2. Don’t answer “no” for them. Don’t assume and don’t let your silence be the reason they don’t get to Jesus. 3. We are accountable for the “ask” but not responsible for the answer. It’s our job to go and give the opportunity. It’s God’s job to convict and save.

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