Bryan Jarrett - May 7, 2017

It Ain't My Fault

There's a major issue in our culture - an issue that has also horribly infiltrated the church. There's this idea that an individual's mistakes are always someone else’s fault. Everybody seems to have this need to blame someone else. Very few people are willing to take responsibility for their actions or own up to their wrongs. The unwillingness to be real and authentic with ourselves, with God and with people, entered our DNA when the first man and woman fell. It became a part of us, and since then we have been hiding, lying, running, blaming, and covering up simply to protect ourselves, our reputations, and our images. When you blame others you give up the power to change and there lies one of the greatest dangers of the blame game. If you're blinded into thinking it’s always someone else’s fault, you will keep perpetuating the problem and repeating the same mistakes.

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