Bryan Jarrett - February 3, 2019

Incarnational Compassion

If we start living like Jesus, letting him live his life through us, being Jesus with skin on, living incarnationally; then our world will see the glory of God in and through us just like John’s generation saw it in Christ Jesus. We’ve talked about incarnational worship and incarnational presence. We’ve spent some time talking about living the incarnational life, but today we're talking about Incarnational Compassion. Something pretty incredible as you study church history is that there is an incredible correlation between the church’s emphasis on the incarnation and its compassion. For example, during medieval times, there was a revival of focus on the incarnation; it’s not coincidental that during that same time the church’s influence on medicine and its development of Christ centered hospitals exploded. Beliefs impact behavior; and when you understand the incarnation, it changes they way you approach the Christian life.

From Series: "The Year of Here"

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