Bryan Jarrett - June 26, 2016

From My Heart: A Cry for Spiritual Awakening

Rodney ‘Gipsy’ Smith never received a formal education, yet he lectured at Harvard. He grew up in a gypsy camp outside London, yet he was invited to the Whitehouse by two different presidents. Gypsy Smith was powerfully used of God preaching to millions as he crisscrossed the Atlantic Ocean forty-five times. Everywhere he went, it seemed like revival was on his heels. Gypsy revealed his secret to a delegation of hungry seekers that asked him how they could make a difference with their lives the way he had with his. His answer was simple yet profound—as timely and timeless now as it was a hundred years ago. Go home. Lock yourself in your room. Kneel down in the middle of the floor, and with a piece of chalk, draw a circle around yourself. There, on your knees, pray fervently and brokenly that God would start a revival within that chalk circle.

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