Bryan Jarrett - September 9, 2018

Faith or Foolishness

Dreams and passions are fueled by a healthy dose of discontent with the status quo and a gnawing dissatisfaction with normal. When people get satisfied, they start protecting comfortable and comfortable is the enemy of more. You won’t seek more of God when you’re comfortable, you won’t sacrifice to build the kingdom when your comfortable, you won’t let go of good to lay hold of the best when you’re comfortable. Anyone can tell time—a flick of the wrist, a look at the dials, or a glance at your phone. But only a few can actually build something that actually keeps time. Telling time is simple arithmetic. Clock building is advanced engineering. Time tellers don't care about the details; they just want the time. Theirs is a world of status quo. They live in the moment and follow someone else's cadence. They take life as it comes—minute by minute, hour by hour. They're satisfied to watch time come and go without much thought. Clock builders think differently—they march to the beat of a different chime. They’re not bound by the challenges of the moment…they are willing to ask the “what if” questions about the future. Business as usual is never found in their vocabulary.

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