Message: "Enter His Courts With Thanksgiving" from Bryan Jarrett

Bryan Jarrett - November 24, 2019

Enter His Courts With Thanksgiving

There’s a subtle but significant difference between gratitude and thanksgiving. Where gratitude is a feeling, thanksgiving is an action. The psalmist didn’t say, “enter his gates with gratitude (feeling).” He said, “enter his gates with thanksgiving (action).” There’s something significant about the act of thanksgiving that opens up access to the presence of the King. Gratitude is important. You can’t express genuine acts of thanksgiving without true feelings of gratitude. Otherwise, it’s just a show. It’s not authentic. Nobody wants a cold kiss, especially God. So, the sense of gratitude is essential, but it can’t stop there. We have to act on it. We have to turn our gratitude toward God into action. Thanksgiving is gratitude expressed. Through your words, your worship, your service, your generosity…act on your gratitude. You enter the gates with thanksgiving. Remember, the gates were not only a place of access, but: A place of Wisdom on Counsel A place of justice A place of renewal A place of preparation for battle A place of proclamation If you need wisdom from God today, enter his gates with thanksgiving. If you seek justice today, enter his gates with thanksgiving. If you seek renewal and repentance, enter his gates with thanksgiving. If you under spiritual attack, enter his gates with thanksgiving. Let the gates of the King be a place where you begin to proclaim the promises of God over your life and your family.

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