Bryan Jarrett - December 25, 2016

Christmas - The Longing for Home - Christmas Weekend - Week 4

Home is where ever God is. Over the last few weeks we have gone to great lengths to explain this universal ache in everyone of our hearts…an ache that seems to surface more this time of year around Christmas than any other time. We label that ache a lot of different things. We try to cure that ache in a lot of different ways. It’s a longing for something…as much as it is an ache. We titled this series: Christmas: A Longing for Home but its really less about “home” and more about the universal homesickness in every human heart…this sense that we don’t belong in this world. Our hearts are yearning for the things this world can’t satisfy. Our hearts are longing for love that will last…relationships that don’t end with death…lives that matter beyond a burial plot. There has to be more than an average life span…and then nothingness. You were created for the glory of God. Literally. In the same way, fish were created to flourish in water and birds to soar in air…the only place we will flourish is in his glory…in his presence. We were created…in Eden…for the glory of God. His presence is our home.

From Series: "Christmas: The Longing for Home"

The promise of Advent is this: If God can wrap His son in human flesh so He can live among us…because He wants to be in relationship with us that desperately…He wants to provide for us that passionately…that same passion drives Him to break into our family, our finances, our businesses, our health…whatever situation that burdens us. We serve a God who breaks in, a God who comes and who responds.

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