Bryan Jarrett - March 31, 2019

Celebrating Victory Before It Comes - Expectant Praise

The final 5 psalms, Psalm 146-150, all begin and end with same word in the Hebrew tongue: “Hallelujah,” which literally means “praise to the lord.” These are truly psalms and victorious praise, and they differ from most other psalms; you don’t find any disappointments or discouragement here. Many of the other psalms are open and honest about life's injustices and evils that leave the psalmist confused but determined to trust God in spite of what he doesn’t understand. But these last 5 are an emphatic closure to the whole book declaring to us that the bookend of our life should be defined by trusting praise. They are songs that celebrate victory - and sometimes - it’s a celebration for a victory that has not even happened yet. It’s a praise offered in advance, a praise for victory while the battle is still raging, a praise that is certain God will keep is word, a praise that is anchored in deep trust and surrender, a praise that is founded more on the sovereignty of God than it is on current circumstances

From Series: "The Year of Here"

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