Message: "The Erosion of Our National Conscience" from Bryan Jarrett

Bryan Jarrett - June 30, 2019

The Erosion of Our National Conscience

When the prosperous no longer recognize the source of their prosperity, they become ungrateful. And their ingratitude eventually evolves into greed. By eliminating God from our national conversation, we eliminate our ability to publicly recognize the source of our prosperity. This arrogance will ultimately eat away at our national conscience; our national sense of OUGHT and OUGHT NOT. Why? Because when we eliminate God from the national conversation, we lose our conscience as a nation. Every man will do what is RIGHT in his own eyes. If there is no God. There’s no one to be grateful toward. There’s no one to be accountable to. If there is no moral accountability, there is no moral consensus regarding right and wrong. When we as a nation believed in God and his word, our laws where established and interpreted from his principles. But when we, as a nation, stopped following his word; we began passing laws that aligned with our whims and pleasures and those laws started replacing our national conscience.

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