Bryan Jarrett - January 8, 2017

42 Life Principles - Week 1

42 Life Principles Week 1 1/7 and 1/8/17 As we closed out the last few months of 2016 and were preparing for our Christmas series focused on the concept of “home”…I became a bit more nostalgic and reflective…looking back with gratitude and looking forward with expectation. Maybe that’s what most people do at the end of any year or maybe that’s what most people adjusting to mid-life do as the approach another birthday…I can’t answer for everyone else but I know the last several months has been that kind of season for me. In 2017, Haley and I will cross 24 years of marriage. We will complete 12 years as the pastors of this great church. This year will be my 27the year in vocational ministry and my 43rd birthday. Time and tenure has a way of making you reflect. Some reflect on the bad and choose to become bitter. For me…it’s that there isn’t bad to reflect…but when I reflect…the grace of God and the graciousness of people drowned out the bad and bitter. While reflecting, I used the 42 years I’m about to complete as goal and attempted to quantify the 42 most spiritually formative, life changing principles that have shaped me as a person. It started as a personal journey but I later felt as if these things were worth saying or at least, saying again and sharing with you.

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Spiritually formative and life building lessons of 42 years of joy, pain, rejoicing, regrets, mistakes made and victories achieved.

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