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Bryan Jarrett - December 7, 2014

The Name - Mighty God

As a short refresher…Advent is basically a season of “expectant waiting.” As we march toward, Christmas…each week…we relive some of the emotions that those who waited for the Messiah must have felt. As we become aware of what Christ’s coming really means for us…we began to feel some of that “longing” that they must have felt. They were longing for fulfillment…the fulfillment of the promise of God for a savior, deliverer…a king. Centuries later…many of us have that same longing for the fulfillment of the promises of God in our own lives. The season of Advent is supposed to reawaken that longing in us…but also serve as reminder…that He came. He kept his promise then and he will keep his promise to us. God broke into human history once and he can break into human history again. Advent is a reminder to us that God is a covenant keeping God. He makes covenants with us and he keeps them. As a matter of fact, one of his names tells us so. Whenever we hear God speaking of Himself in the Bible as ‘God Almighty’ we are hearing the Hebrew name El Shaddai. It is a name for God that speaks of his His sufficiency, His “enough-ness.” El Shaddai- His sufficiency, His “enough-ness.”

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