Message: "US - Forgotten People in Forgotten Places"

Bryan Jarrett - November 1, 2015

US - Do Less Better - Simplify

We are in our sixth week of a very important conversation as a church family. We are reminding some and education others about the unique ingredients that make up the Northplace culture. Every place…whether be a school, a restaurant, a business, a family, or a church, has a unique feel or environment that becomes synonymous with that place. That familiar environment and that familiar experience you have when you go there is all a part of the culture of the place. At Northplace, we have been intentional in crafting our church’s culture. From the hospitality of the parking lot greeters… the size and layout of our expansive lobby… the choices of warm colors throughout the building…to the spirit empowered environment here in the sanctuary…we have been intentional in creating environments and experiences that reflect who we are as a people. Over the least several weeks we have highlighted one key ingredient of our culture that makes us…uniquely us. If you are just joining us and want to catch up on the previous 5 messages, you can do so at our church website. Every message is made available free to you there. Today, I want us to look at our commitment to Do Less Better--Simplify.

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