Message: "US - Forgotten People in Forgotten Places"

Bryan Jarrett - October 11, 2015

US - Courageous Faith


We are in the third week of a vital conversation for our church. In the first several weeks, we’ve learned that the culture of any organization impacts its effectiveness more than any other component. Vision, dreams, plans are either released or held captive by the culture. The culture of a church is like the soil that seeds are planted in. It is either fertile soil that grows healthy people or its toxic soil that produces dysfunctional people and dysfunctional relationships. Over the last several years we have prayed hard, worked tirelessly, and been intentional about creating a gospel-centered… life-giving culture at Northplace church. In no way is our culture perfect…because we are imperfect. But …our culture IS maturing and so are we as a people. Our pastors and elders feel like its important in this season of our church to contend for the culture the Lord has helped us build. There are several key ingredients that make up our culture. Last week, we explained what generosity means to US and how that concept of generosity impacts every dimension of our church from serving, to hospitality, to giving, to missions and beyond.

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The power of culture

US - Courageous Faith

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