Message: "The Sabbath"

Bryan Jarrett - August 2, 2015

The Mountain Becomes a Plain

Do you face a mountain…a seemingly impossible task? Finding a job. Caring for aging parent. Fighting cancer. Battling depression. Rebuilding a life after death or divorce. Seeking a new career. Starting a ministry. Finishing college. Overcoming an addiction. What mighty mountain looms before you? Some of you have a mountain of rubble in your life…a mountain of your own making due to disobedience or neglect…others of you stare at a mountain caused by the invasion of the enemy into your life or family…regardless of the reason…that mountain serves as a constant reminder of your past defeat and present bondage. It seems impossible and overwhelming and God seems disengaged or disconnected. Every time you step out to do something for God or make progress spiritually, the enemy will take you back to your mountain—and remind you of the past or point to the obstacles in your present trying blur your destiny. The very memory of your mountain is like a leech the sucks the life out of your faith and your future. When you are a slave to something…when you’re held captive by something it literally alters your whole outlook on life and can change your personality. Your captivity steals your identity. Just like the Babylonians and Persians used the “slave mentality” to control the Jews… Satan uses this “slave mentality” to invade and take captive every aspect of our lives and limit, if not destroy, our potential for Christ.

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