Message: "The Real Battle"

Bryan Jarrett - March 22, 2015

The Real Battle

Believe it or not we are two weeks away from Easter. The staff here at Northplace has been working tirelessly for the last couple months getting ready for this Easter season. First, because it’s the first Easter we will ever celebrate together in this new facility. Second, and most important, the Easter season is the most opportune time in the entire calendar year for people to come into relationship with Jesus Christ. More people will return to a church or visit a church for the first time on Easter weekend than any weekend this year. We are culturally predisposed this time of year to be more spiritually aware. People who would never accept an invitation to church are most likely to come on Easter. People who would never normally have a meaningful religious conversation are more likely to engage in that kind of dialogue this time of year. With all of our scurrying around…planning and preparing to seize the opportunity of Easter weekend the Lord keeps reminding me of something…something I believe he wants me to remind you. We are in a spiritual battle for the eternal destinies of men and women.

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