Message: "Self-Discipline" from Bryan Jarrett

Bryan Jarrett - February 9, 2020


You could have so many leadership qualities active in your life, but if you lack integrity, it would undermine the combined impact of every other quality. Your integrity is more important than your gifts and talents, your money and position, the size of your network or your reputation. Listen to the words of the Psalmist: Psalm 15:1-2 NLT 1 Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill? 2 Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts. Our culture is absolutely obsessed with appearance. There are even companies that you can hire to help you manage your image. But God is not impressed by external images. He couldn’t care less about how you look. He doesn’t judge a person by their appearance, achievements, accomplishments, acquisitions, education, or wealth. God is more concerned about the authentic internal you, the purity and integrity of your heart.

From Series: "Get Up And Lead"

At Northplace, we've been planning and praying over this year for a long time, believing God to do something special. This weekend, we're kicking off the year with a series called "Get Up And Lead." We have this sense that God wants to take some biblical principles from the life of Jesus to make you better in whatever area of influence you are. If you're a father, or you're a mother. If you serve in an office, you own a business, you're a coach or a teacher; there are principles in the word of God that will help you be better in that classroom or on that team. You don't have to just make it to the end of the day, you have a choice in life. You could be a thermometer and let your life be dictated by the temperature in the room, or you can be the thermostat; you can set the temperature in the room. We want to equip you to be the thermostat. We want to equip you to know how to set the temperature in whatever circle of influence that you have from a biblical framework.

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