Message: "Generosity as a Culture" from Bryan Jarrett

Bryan Jarrett - September 1, 2019

Generosity as a Culture

define Culture is “The way we do things here.” It’s the unwritten but understood and agreed upon way things work in a family, an office, a church or your life for that matter. The importance of culture is often overlooked because the things that make up culture are intangible. The things that make up the culture of your life…or of the culture of the organizations you’re a part of…are under the surface. So…we often ignore culture. But here’s what we said last week: Culture is the foundation of vision. If the culture of your life is toxic, unhealthy or undefined, it really doesn’t matter how powerful your vision for your life is, it will never flourish in a toxic culture. One of those key ingredients in our culture is generosity, and we believe that generosity is one of the most important components to the Northplace culture.

From Series: "The Power of Culture"

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