Message: "Daniel - Babylon's Agenda" from Bryan Jarrett

Bryan Jarrett - September 23, 2018

Daniel - Babylon's Agenda

One thing we need to understand as we study the book of Daniel is…the books of the OT are not arranged in chronological order. They are grouped together based on a literary category. The first five books are called the Pentateuch…they are the books of Moses. Then you have a historical section. Then you have a poetic section where you get the proverbs and psalms…and then you have a section that's called the prophets. The prophets are broken into two categories…the Major Prophets and the Minor Prophets. Major and minor doesn’t mean important and less important…it just means some of them where longer than the others. Culture is what changes…God doesn't. It’s a given…culture is going to change. The question is…are we going to change with culture? And even worse are going to expect God to “evolve” with it? You have Christians and churches today saying…God didn’t really mean it that way…or when he said that he wasn’t talking about our culture…he was talking those people way back when…so we need to modify the Bible to fit today's culture.

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