2011 – Pop 20, 329

The first foster camp was in 2011 (RFK) with 40 campers and around 100 volunteers.

2012 – October – Heart for the House – Paying for building at Pleasant Valley – Eisemann Center Richardson – December – paid off the land at 2800 Pleasant Valley 

April 15th, 2013 – The Boston Marathon bombing was a domestic terrorist attack that took place during the annual Boston Marathon 

2014 – Opened New Building

2019 – Unfinished Campaign- Wylie and Expansion of Children’s Wing


The first Roundup at LDR was in 2016… 2 camps… 20 girls then 20 boys. Same number of volunteers as RFK, but only NPC volunteers


2017 first missions teams come to help at our Roundup with our NPC volunteers

2017 and going forward we have 40 campers with boys and girls at the roundup

2020 – Sachse has a population of 25,920, it is the 118th largest city in Texas and the 1489th largest city in the United States.

Launched Garland – English and Hughes Prison Campuses

New Children’s Expansion Opened

March 13th – Trump Declares COVID-19 a National Emergency