On October 5th & 6th, 2019, we church started the unfinished initiative. Pastor Bryan Jarrett lead us in a 6-week series through the life of Abraham.

If you pass a church, a mosque, and a synagogue, the worshippers inside of every one of them see themselves as children of Abraham. Three of the world’s largest religions, look to Abraham as the father of their faith.

And too often, we only see all these big things and the lasting results of Abraham’s life. That is important, but there is something so much more significant that we always overlook: Abraham was responding to the call of God.

The call of God is what makes your life unique; it’s what sets you apart and marks you for something unique.

When someone here’s the phrase “the call of God,” we assume the all to pastoral ministry. Abraham’s call was a call to a relationship, a call to a profound personal encounter, a call to know God, and for God to know him.

Abraham’s response to that call is what made him “bigger” than life. God is extending that same call to every one of us in this room or watching online. It’s The Divine Call to Leave an Eternal Legacy.