Here In My Success

Jan 8, 2019 | Blog

John Cruz

John Cruz

Executive Pastor

In the 2013 movie Gravity, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play two American astronauts who are stranded in space after the mid-orbit destruction of their space shuttle.  In this multiple award-winning movie, Bullock and Clooney display their desperate attempt to return to Earth.  They are calculated, intentional, deliberate, relentless and, at times, desperate.  They needed to be back in the right atmosphere and temperature and receiving the right nutrients and water in order to survive.  They had been disconnected and needed to come back to Earth.  They both knew that their lives depended on them being back in the right environment, the right place and in the right relationships.  Safety and survival was back home, back on Earth. In scripture, Eden was that place for Adam and Eve.  The garden of Eden was the temple where God’s presence dwelled.  Adam and Eve were created to be in relationship with God and to live all of life in His presence.

The nature of the human being is designed to revolve around God and to be in relationship with Him.  When that relationship with God is broken because of sin, we are pushed out of Eden.  Since then, we have been in that desperate pursuit to be back home in the right atmosphere and in the right relationship.  In the absence of the right atmosphere and the right relationship with God, we pursue other things.  This is not a fatalistic view, yet an inevitable pursuit. What I’m saying is that we as human beings are always worshiping something because we are designed to be in relationship and to worship.  There is something in your life today that pulls you more than anything.  It may very well be good things, like work, a thriving career, your children, making money or being successful.  Or it can be very dark things, like pornography, alcoholism, drugs, or other forms of socially accepted addictions, such as a deep desire to be accepted, shopping, sports, pain from the past, or an illness.  You can fill in the blank and ponder on the “god” you are choosing to worship and be in relationship with today.

Let us not forget that we become like that which we worship.  We are transformed into the image of whatever god we worship. In other words, what we worship is shaping and defining you and your future.  Consequentially, we create environments around us at home, at work and in ministry that are in our own image and that which we pursue.  Human beings create culture in our image.  Who is the god we are worshiping in our office?  It may be valid to say that each industry has its own god. It may be pride, success, greed, or even deceit.   Who is the god we are worshiping in our home? Sports, dance class, our house, car, education, children, or spouse.  The gods we are worshiping in our culture can tell you a lot about the gods we worship in our jobs and our homes.   If you want to know where someone is going, look at what they worship.  If you are asking, “How do I know what am I worshiping and who are my gods?”, think about this for a moment: what makes you really mad is what threatens your idol or probably your false god.  What eats you up and really bothers you for days or even weeks?  That is most likely an idol.  Remember, even the most noble thing can become our god.  Our most intense pursuit is a direct reflection of our god.  These two questions may help you identify your god:

How do you define success?

What can you do to achieve it?

Only the expulsive power of the Gospel can replace the gods in your life with the one true GOD who desperately wants to dwell in every dimension of your life.  Do everything you do today in God’s presence and let Him dwell in all your pursuits this day.

Revelation 21.3. ESV And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.”