I Get Prayer, But Why Fast?

Fasting is a declaration of dependence. It is the admission that while we have the capacity to feed ourselves and meet our own needs, we are desperate for something greater. Author Stovall Weems calls fasting “making space for God.” Fasting is a catalyst that aligns our heart and desires with the will and heart of God. Fasting is trusting Christ to set our lives back to give priority to Him.

Our hope

We hope that as you partake in the commitments of fasting, prayer and study, that the Lord will align our hearts as a church and make us a unified vessel where His Spirit is invited to dwell with the full richness of His power.

A few tips . . .

  • Context matters. While each day highlights a specific portion of Scripture, you will gain the greatest understanding of each daily reading by learning from the context around it. Ask questions like what seems to be the unifying theme and what is the author repeating in this portion of Scripture.
  • Start with prayer. Jesus called the Holy Spirit, “the Helper . . . who will teach you all things and bring to remembrance all that I have said to you . . .” (John 14.25-26). If you are sitting next to the kid in class who knows the answers, why not ask Him for help.
  • Have great expectations. Know that as much as you want to hear from God, every day He is even more eager to speak. Each day the Creator of the Universe wants to have a conversation with you. He will never be late for His appointment. He will be ready and waiting. Expect Him to speak and receive what He says.

Finally, we pray this next 21 days sets a rhythm. We pray that the next 21 days become the first 21 days of a new lifestyle where God is first.

Grace and peace,

The Northplace Pastoral Staff